User Information
  1. Eternal ink is for professional use (use by experience tattoo artist).
    B&G Amsterdam BV is not responsible in any meaning/way to any
    results/consequences of/for using/misusing the ink.
  2. Allergic is personally. Check prior to use Eternal ink that your client
    is not allergic to one of the ingredients. Make allergic check/test on your
    client to try discovering any allergic reaction. Even then a person can
    develop allergic reaction. B&G Amsterdam BV is not responsible in any
    meaning/way to/for such allergic reaction or any results of.
  3. Do not add anything into the bottle (mixing should be done in a clean,
    single use ink-cup outside the bottle). Never touch the bottle with used gloves.
  4. Never leave the bottle-lid open and never take the bottle-lid off.
    Store the bottle in a dark & dry place at room temp (5-30 degree C).
    Keep the bottles away from dust and direct sun light.
  5. Do not mix Eternal ink with other ink.
  6. Ink is being sterilized in Nederland by Gamma ray. The bottle is being
    delivered to you sealed (do not use if arrived un-sealed). The shelf-life of
    unopened bottle is to be found on the label. You must mark/write on the
    bottle the date of removing the seal the ink is to be use then for never longer
    than 6 month (under proper storage and use conditions and never longer than
    the shelf-life date from the label).
  7. Visit often this site in any case of recall/important information/warnings we
    will do this via this site.
  8. For any extra information / any request please contact directly the
    dealer/supplier which sold you the ink.