Maxx Black

Eternal Ink presents Maxx Black. A maximum-black tattoo ink pigment.
After a long period of research, development and testing we have perfected
the blackest-of-black tattoo pigments. We proudly call it Maxx Black.
This is the ideal pigment for lining, for script, for shading and for all styles of black work.

Big Gus set

Big Gus is a master of the tattoo cover-up.
As part of Spike TV’s ‘Tattoo Nightmares’ show, Big Gus brought
tattoo salvation weekly to tattoo victims.
His skill and talent for fine line, black and gray photo-realism has
cemented his place among the top tattoo artists.

Working with Eternal Ink, Big Gus’ expertise in cover-up and
tattoo art has guided the creation of 8 new tattoo pigments.
These dark tones are perfect for cover-ups or mixing into other
hues to create rich gradations and saturated shadows.

Lyle Tuttle Limited Edition Set

Lyle Tuttle and Eternal Ink celebrate Lyle’s 70 Year Tattoo Legacy with this
Limited Edition set of ten ink colors. This set is limited to only 500 signed and
numbered ink sets. Each set includes a fold-out brochure with notes and images
from Lyle’s historic tattoo collection gathered during his seven decade career.

“These ten colors from Eternal Ink were chosen and named to honor people and
the influential and meaningful parts of my life and 70 year career in tattooing.
Little did I know that when I stepped across the threshold of that first tattoo shop
in San Francisco that tattooing would take me to all seven continents to make my mark.
Stay creative and adventurous!
— Lyle Tuttle

Mike DeVries – Perfect Storm

Renowned tattoo artist, Mike DeVries, has pushed the art of tattoo realism to new levels.
His keen sense of color and value brings six new tattoo inks to the Eternal Ink line.

A pair of mauves, two dusty blues and two gray greens are directly inspired by the
turbulent hues of extreme weather.

This is Mike DeVries’ Perfect Storm of color … perfect for expanding and toning down a
color palette and for capturing those subtle toned values of reality.

The Concentrates Four Color Ink Set

This four color ink set includes three long-time Eternal Ink favorites:
Blue Concentrate, Purple Concentrate, and Green Concentrate plus the NEW Turquoise Concentrate.



New test results Eternal Ink.

We’ve got the newest test results for all Eternal Ink pigments.
You can find the results here.

Frank La Natra Atmospheric Landscapes Set

Tattoo artist Frank La Natra provides a foundation for mastering landscapes and
atmospheric effects with this unique set of 12 hues.



Levgen Signature Set

The Levgen Signature Series brings a fresh viewpoint to the Eternal Ink spectrum of colors.
Tattoo artist, Eugene Knysh (Levgen) has selected a set of Eternal Ink colors that capture
the vibrant intensity seen in his art.
hues to match his aesthetic approach to color.






Introducing an essential addition to every artist’s color palette — a set of four opaque
neutral gray inks! For the black & gray artist looking to create a smooth
opaque gradation, these four inks are evenly spaced at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of black
on the value scale.