Color wheel


Introducing the newly updated Abbott Color Wheel 2.0.
This latest release includes the same great format from the original wheel with
newly added colors from Eternal Ink. This 2.0 release includes all the ranges
presented in the original wheel and now adds colors from the following Eternal Ink sets:
Motor City Set, Halos Fifth Dimension, Myke Chambers Set, Rember Series, and
the Andrea Afferni Portrait Series. (Does not include the Rich Pineda series)

Russ Abbott has scientifically matched the full line of Eternal Inks by hue and value.
Each hue has been precisely positioned on his Abbott Color Wheel. By presenting tattoo
inks in a logical and intuitive format, the Abbott Color Wheel is changing how
tattoo artists approach color selection.

Hear what artists are saying about the Abbott Color Wheel …

“Decades ago, most tattooists had never even heard of a color wheel.
To take its development this far, with a scientific approach that allows
for exact color matching using specific pigments, is a testament to how
far we have come as artists in the tattoo profession and how sophisticated
our tools have become.
Russ’s color wheel is the kind of tool that can empower artists to overcome
questions and doubts about their work and take it to the next level.” – Guy Aitchison

“Russ Abbott’s color wheel has literally changed my tattooing in leaps
and bounds. It has really helped put the entire spectrum of Eternal colors into
perspective, which in turn, has helped me to be able to properly use Eternal Inks
according to my knowledge of color theory. It is a game changer hands down.
It’s a must-have and something you will never find me without!” – Frank La Natra

INCLUDES: The Abbott Color Wheel kit is a gatefold package that contains two pockets.
One pocket holds the multi-layered color wheel device that spins on a center grommet
and isolates a selection of useful color schemes. The second pocket contains a 12” removable
wall decal of the color wheel for the artist to hang by their station.
A color theory primer is presented on the 2 interior faces of the jacket.
The whole package is shrink-wrapped together and includes a 4” vinyl sticker
of the Abbott Color Wheel logo.