B&G Amsterdam BV is one of the main distributers/importers of ETERNAL ink & tattoo machines in Europe.

Eternal ink was developed by Terry Welker (Tramp) from Michigan/USA. Terry was tattooing for more than 30 years and is the owner of Eternal tattoo supply. Eternal inks are being produced in Eternal tattoo supply facility in Brighton/Michigan.

Eternal pigments are one of the best tattoo inks available in the world. Best means not just assortment/brightness/easy to enter the skin but also keeping by each batch the same blends (re-producing the same shades each batch).

B&G Amsterdam BV is sterilizing the ink (Gamma radiation) in The Netherlands according to medical educated sterilization requirements and according to the Dutch pigments law as same as for making Laboratories tests. Transport of the ink from the production line to our warehouse is done on such a way that the ink is not freezing on the way which is helping keeping the freshness of the ink.

The label of the ink contains all the legal information according to the European regulations and the internet site is providing extra information. See (link)

Eternal tattoo machines are also being produced at own production facility of Eternal tattoo supply (own CNC machines and work shop). See (link)


B&G Amsterdam BV is active since 1993 in the tattoo branch – offering quality & knowledge to professional tattoo artists and quality sub-dealers all over Europe. We are offering JUST quality original products – we are NOT dealing with knock-off products (or suppliers of such).

We are NOT a supermarket – offering a lot of the same from many producers, but we are fully supporting our brands.


For dealer requests please read our conditions, and fill in the form on our dealer-request page.

Do not waist our/your time if you are an Ebay shop, a knock-off supplier or supplying to the general public – we will not answer your request.


The European Eternal Ink Label.